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August 2, 2010

Cleaning Out The Clutter

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Last night was the beginning of a much-needed task and it is yet to be completed. Last night I started getting ready of old papers and bills. And not stuff that recently has been there but things that I bought with me to my apartment over a year ago. I thought that I was putting a dent in this myself until it was bought to my attention that I was not (thanks to the other half).


So last night it started with just shredding random papers that was on the counter. He started with any of my bills that were past 2 years old. Any print-outs I had that I may have bought home to read. News papers and magazines placed them to the side and put any of my books in the boxes that I have. I already have file folders for the up to date bills. So I just placed everything in its right place for the meantime. We even had the little one involved. She had a lot of papers from the last school term that she really didn’t need. Anything that she could not use again I we had her shred.


It is amazing how much lighter the place felt after getting rid of a couple of papers and putting things in its place.  After getting over the initial attitude behind the other half taking the initiative in doing this for me I was glad that he did. It really help me to see how a lot of what I was feeling had to do with the fact that I wasn’t able to get things in order the way I want to. I still have a long way to go but at least I can say I have begun.


What are some of the things you do to keep the clutter down?


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I Can’t Do It Without Him – Reflective Post

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I’ve been in a very reflective place in my life for the past couple of months. And even more so in the past couple of weeks. Every article, blog or motivational e-mail has directed and aided me in this reflective state. Even down to my final assignment for class that I am currently working on is a Reflective Paper.  I know that when one reflects on life it can be a good thing but sometime reflecting can open up a lot of wounds and sores that you thought healed but has not. Causes you so shift away from the good in your life and crab a hold of the pain.

They say that most people lean on God when things are going bad but I have been the exact opposite. I have hidden away from him for I have felt ashamed for the things that I feel; those things that I should have left a lot of things where they have been in the past and moved on from it. But it seems that I am still attached in someway. With all this being said I read Joel & Victoria blog post this morning and it touched me in the heart in a way I can not explain. It reminded me that God is there and even more so when I need him. He is my peace during the storm and right now I am in a storm. So why not seek that peace. Allow him to still the waters.

We try to keep our life in order with schedules, our Blackberry and sticky notes but that means nothing when we are out of order on the inside. To be Super Women we need to be centered on the inside so that the outside won’t shake us or move us. So always remember to take the time and spend with him and talk to him. Learn to really give it all to him and read his word…his promises. Know what it is he really has in stored for you. So when those things come at us we can speak it.

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