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October 14, 2010

This Came Right On Time!!!!!!! – Launchtip – Shifting Your Mood F rom the Negative to the Positive

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When I get e-mail messages like these from someone who takes the time to write about things like this it is amazing. You never know who you are going touch, help or inspire when you share positive and uplifting messages. And even when they don’t originate from a happy place you still can give someone hope that in the end there will be.






The Fight Is On



For the past two days



I’ve been wearing my emotions



Like an over size coat



Protecting from coldness that is fear



Of the unknown



But right now



I rather face the coldness



Than feel the heaviness



Of feelings that hinder me



So the fight is on



The fight for joy



The fight for sanity



The fight for the right to be



Who I was created to be



The fight to live life within my own terms



And no one but God



Can tell or show me different



Because right now



The fight is on



Camilla T. Barber 10.13.10



The Super Women Blog~




Shifting Your Mood From the Negative to the Positive

To the outside world you are skilled at putting on your game face, when inside you may be feeling blue. Sometimes you just want to kick yourself, stop the thoughts, but you may not have the inclination or know exactly how to shift your mood.
Over the years, I’ve come up with a few effective strategies of what to do—and what not to do—to shift your mood. This is important because feeling optimistic and positive about life and the world is often an important element to creating success in your life and getting results. Here are proven tips for shifting your mood:

What NOT to do (engaging in these activities perpetuates sadness and paralysis):

* Complain (Instead of taking action, making changes and finding solutions, you expend your energy complaining about what’s wrong. This turns you into a victim and renders powerless thinking.)
* Gossip
(Saying negative things about others that you wouldn’t say to their face only reflects poorly on you.)
* Yell
(Yelling or any elevated voice-raising is symptomatic of anger. At the root of all anger is fear, specifically fear of losing control. Either force yourself to lower your voice and regain control, or get to the root of your anger and detach the emotion from it.)
* Over-indulge
(Eating too much, drinking too much or taking drugs doesn’t eliminate a problem or make it doesn’t go away. Over indulging is a temporary escape from your woes but until you solve the issues in other ways, they will remain firmly intact.)

What YOU CAN DO to shift your mood

* Smile (Experts say that even the gesture of smiling and curving your mouth up can shift your mood.)
* Move
(Get some exercise to release serotonin.)
* Launch
* Write
(Journaling—or any writing exercise—moves out the busyness of your mind chatter, providing serenity and inner calm that carries you throughout the day. Try Morning Pages as a brain cleanser.)
* Sing
(Preferably at the top of your lungs!)
* Listen
(Get out of your head and yourself by actively listening to others. The world revolves around the world, of which you are a part of the whole.)
* Dance
(Dance is a proven antidepressant. Studies show dance boosts happiness and benefits overall health.)
* Create
(Research has shown that being creative alters us by improving our mood, self esteem and socialization. That’s enough motivation to get more creative!)
* Rest
(We often underestimate it; devalue it; don’t get enough of it. However, even a small increase in rest provides noticeable benefits. Optimal sleeping conditions include dark, cool, and silent.)
* Drink water
(Hydrate regularly throughout the day.)
* Breathe deeply
(Oxygenating your lungs and your body is calming, improves the detoxification process, relieves anxiety, lowers blood pressure and provides many more emotional and physical benefits.)
* Be still
(Being quiet can be the best non-action item when you want to change your mood. Slowing down even for a few minutes calms your mind and invites in peace.)


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  1. Very inspiring. Doing these things little by little each day will def boost your moods imo.

    Comment by EJae — November 10, 2010 @ 6:44 pm | Reply

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