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August 2, 2010

I Can’t Do It Without Him – Reflective Post

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I’ve been in a very reflective place in my life for the past couple of months. And even more so in the past couple of weeks. Every article, blog or motivational e-mail has directed and aided me in this reflective state. Even down to my final assignment for class that I am currently working on is a Reflective Paper.  I know that when one reflects on life it can be a good thing but sometime reflecting can open up a lot of wounds and sores that you thought healed but has not. Causes you so shift away from the good in your life and crab a hold of the pain.

They say that most people lean on God when things are going bad but I have been the exact opposite. I have hidden away from him for I have felt ashamed for the things that I feel; those things that I should have left a lot of things where they have been in the past and moved on from it. But it seems that I am still attached in someway. With all this being said I read Joel & Victoria blog post this morning and it touched me in the heart in a way I can not explain. It reminded me that God is there and even more so when I need him. He is my peace during the storm and right now I am in a storm. So why not seek that peace. Allow him to still the waters.

We try to keep our life in order with schedules, our Blackberry and sticky notes but that means nothing when we are out of order on the inside. To be Super Women we need to be centered on the inside so that the outside won’t shake us or move us. So always remember to take the time and spend with him and talk to him. Learn to really give it all to him and read his word…his promises. Know what it is he really has in stored for you. So when those things come at us we can speak it.

His Love Goes Beyond Our DoubtsJoel & Victoria’s Blog at

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July 27, 2010

I love it! Wine Created Especially for Moms

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I am going to order me a bottle and try it when I have my next  mommy time out.

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Give Yourself a \’Time-Out\’ and Get Wasted at the Same Time |

via Give Yourself a \’Time-Out\’ and Get Wasted at the Same Time |

July 1, 2010

Great Spring-Summer 2010 Fashion Finds

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I like what I like…that is me. I am a simple person but every now and then I like to change it up. And when I do I look for the experts to show me not only what is in but what is affordable. Kathry Finney is one of the experts for me.  I love her “Spring-Summer 2010 Fashion” finds.

Check it out!

via Spring-Summer 2010 Fashion | The Budget Fashionista.

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Staying Fit…No Excuse…Especially When Free

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I know at times I often make staying fit a difficult thing. Espcecially the whole thing about working out and not having money for the gym. I need to be in a space and place that will keep me focus. Well if you have those same excuses as I do check out the “10 Free Ways to Get Healthy in July “. 

10 Free Ways to Get Healthy in July | New York – Vital Juice

via 10 Free Ways to Get Healthy in July | New York – Vital Juice.

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June 16, 2010

Always be mindful of your day

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Mindfulness refers to being completely in touch with and aware of the present moment, as well as taking a non-evaluative and non-judgmental approach to your inner experience. For example, a mindful approach to one’s inner experience is simply viewing “thoughts as thoughts” as opposed to evaluating certain thoughts as positive or negative.

I find it easy lately to get caught up in my day to day responsibilities and the things that I have to do (need to do). These are the days that by the time I look at the time it is 11p and I wonderful where did my day do. I have some how forgotten to step back and take time to enjoy the day God has given me and to count al my blessings.

Below is an article of ways we came become mindful of our day. I ask that you don’t just read it but take it and and try some of the things that are mentioned. Life is too short, don’t just let your days pass you by anymore. 

10 Ways to Live Mindfulness Today | Mindfulness and Psychotherapy

via 10 Ways to Live Mindfulness Today | Mindfulness and Psychotherapy.

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June 10, 2010

Never Give Up On Getting The Belly Tight

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I was talking to a cousin the other day and she said to me “I think for women after you reach a certain age your belly is just meant to be a certain way”. We both laughed about it but it caused me to think. That really should not be the mentality.

So today  I received my WebMD – Everyday Fitness e-mail about loosing that belly fat. I know for me I really put on weight around the mid-section after I have my daughter. I know for some people it can be a medical conditon like cyst. But overall I don’t think that we should give up the fight against the “Muffin Top” as many call it. So I challange those of you today who are determined to loose that midsection or at least get to a point where your clothes feel comfortable and implement some of the suggestions mentioned. Let me know how it works out for you. I plan on working it out too. Because I don’t know about you but I am not ready to accept it…not yet.

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Blast Your Belly and Get Your Six-Pack Out of the Cooler! « Everyday Fitness

via Blast Your Belly and Get Your Six-Pack Out of the Cooler! « Everyday Fitness.

May 26, 2010

You want to see change in your life….Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

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I wanted to share with you the Wednesday Word from Jewel Diamond Taylor. I felt that word she shared today is very important. We live in a time where many things are uncertain. Yet there is one thing that is always certain and that is God love for us. God love for his children. A parent hates to see their children going through hard times. But being a parent myself now I understand how can I assure myself that my daughter gets it if I don’t allow her to go through the trials and tribulation that will test her. That will prove to her and to me that what I’ve taught her was not in vain. And in the same note I have to understand that at times she will fail the exam but ultimately she will pass the test. That is what God wants for us. But in order to do that we have to take his teachings and apply it to our lives. And we do that during our trials and tribulations. The trials and tribulations force us to move out of our comfort zone or to stay there and do nothing. That is not what he wants for us.


I can say for myself I have fallen back into my comfort zone and many times I feel like giving up, but I thank God for my friends and family. For those key people who know just the right thing to say to me.  They reminded me of how important it is to continue my daily walk with God. And that is something that I fell of track with. I recalled the difference in my life when I spoke to him daily. Not that the problems disappeared but my perspective changed. I was focused on my walk with him. I remember how wonderful that felt. And how I was able to see pass all the mess going on around me. I am fixing my eyes on him once again. And this Wednesday Word was just the reminder I needed that I can’t get comfortable. God doesn’t want me to get comfortable.


How can I set out to live a life that pleases him in every way when I can’t see pass myself and my own situation. Even though the comfort zone feels nice staying there too long can make you miss all the wonderful things God has in stored.


Thank you Jewel for this Wednesday Word. I prayer that it motivates and moves others as it did for me.

From: Jewel Diamond Taylor <>
Subject: Wednesday Word
Date: Wednesday, May 26, 2010, 4:26 PM’Sometimes you may feel stuck between your pain and your promises because of fear,
procrastination, unable to see your worth and unable to see beyond your present
circumstances. The lies and confusion you saw as a child, in past relationships,
in school, past bad decisions and from the enemy can paralyze your ability to succeed
in life.


Growing out of a comfort zone or choosing to grow out of sin, addiction, drama,
confusion and bad entanglements can seem difficult, embarrassing, impossible, uncomfortable,
painful, awkward and uncertain.   Growth out of the familiar brings the pain that
births great change!


God wants to prove and move you to greater heights. God wants to stretch, confront,
change, and challenge you to go, be, do and have life more abundantly. It’s time
to press through any mess, shyness, insecurity, past rejections, wounded feelings,
denials, disappointments and false thinking.  Come out of your comfort zone. You
have dreams, possibilities, prosperity, blessings and so much of life to experience.
Accept the invitation today to grow out of your comfort zone.
Webster dictionary “grow” – to advance toward maturity, to flourish, develop, get
bigger. (listen to the song below by gospel artist Marvin Sapp “Comfort Zone).”
by Jewel Diamond Taylor



The Comfort Zone Poem (author unknown)
I used to have a comfort zone
where I knew I couldn’t fail,
The same four walls of busy work
were really more like a jail
I longed so much to do the things
I’d never done before,
But I stayed inside my comfort zone
and paced the same old floor
I said it didn’t matter
that I wasn’t doing much,
I said I didn’t care for things
like diamonds or furs and such
I claimed to be so busy
with the things inside my zone,
But deep inside I longed for
something special of my own
I couldn’t let my life go by
just watching others win,
I held my breath and stepped outside
to let the change begin
I took a step and with new strength
I’d never felt before,
I kissed my comfort zone good bye
and closed and locked the door
If you are in a comfort zone
afraid to venture out,
Remember that all winners
were at one time filled with doubt
A step or two and words of praise
can make your dreams come true
Greet your future with a smile,
success is there for you!



Click here to listen to the

song ” []Comfort
Zone”  []by
minister of gospel Marvin Sapp []

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May 14, 2010

I Plan To Try These When I Get Home

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It has been a long day and I am still in the office. When I work this late I normally have a Grande Green Tea Latte from Starbucks and that calms me down (thanks for the green tea baby). But today that did not work for me. So I came across a tweet from Women’s Health Magazine about “How To Relax Sore, Tired Muscles”.  So of course I wanted to see what some of these things were.

The first one was Headaches (I was meant to read this lol). I’ve had such a terrible headache all day long. I would take a pain meds but then it would come right back. So I decided to try this technique and believe or not it helped.

1. Headaches: Base of Skull
Place your fingertips on the base of your skull, where your neck muscles attach. Use the heel of your other hand to support your fingers and exert pressure. Relax your neck and let your head rest in your hands as you rub in small strokes across the muscle fibers.

There are a total of 5 ways to relax your muscles. If you are interested in trying them yourself check out the link below. And if you have someone special to help you out even better (wink lol).

Tonight it is just me and my daughter so I will be trying these out all alone.

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May 8, 2010

Celebration of Motherhood

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As I sit under the dryer preparing for my 5th Mother’s Day I think about how being a mommy really makes me feel. At times I get frustrated and out of sorts but the majority of the time it is great! When I hear my little girl call me mommy or when she says “I love you mommy” with a big hug after I drop her off those are the things that truly matter to me. To know that even when she is upset with me after I discipline her she still comes to me with love I hope to have that relationship with her forever.

I also think of all the strong mother’s around me. The ones that have been doing this far more longer than I. From my mom down to all the ladies in my life that held me down with some positive vibes about motherhood. I am honored and bless to know you. You help me see that no matter what I go through I will make it through. I thank God for all of the experiences and people in my life.

I honor the mother’s before me with this poem:

Haven’t earned my rank yet among you
But I am working on it
Haven’t experienced my full share of joyous moments
But I know there is so many more to come
Haven’t gone through my share of pain and heartache
But I prepare for it
Haven’t learned to lick my wounds completely and keep on moving
But I will learn how to do it
What I have experienced in my 5 years thus far as a mom is nothing
Compared to your lifetime of Motherhood
And even now you continue to get better and wiser at it
I only hope and pray
That God will bless me
With the strength and courage to continue on this road of Motherhood
With the same Grace and Courage that you have exemplified
I haven’t earned my rank yet among you
But I am so looking forward to the challenge. 
Love and God bless

Happy Mother’s Day from The Super Women Blog~

May 6, 2010

Don’t Neglect The Mental Ladies

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Since going through and dealing with the mental stability of a sister I have been making it my business to educate myself on Mental Illness. I also promised that any information I received I would share with everyone. Today I received a Women’s Mental Health Booklet from

Please take the time to look it over. Don’t be afraid to share information. Many times it can be the life or death of someone.

Note: I am not an expert. I am just a person who is concerned about the mental health of all. Any information I share is for information purposes and personal knowledge.

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