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May 20, 2011

Improve your writing skills

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Being a full-time mom, employee and student on top of working on a my craft (writing poetry) is a lot to take on. Even more so when you have papers to write. Outside of sending e-mails an reports for work I haven’t really written much outside of my poetry. So needless to say that my writing needs improvement. Early this morning I received this great tweet with a link on free online writing courses. Check it out and let me know what you think.


October 14, 2010

This Came Right On Time!!!!!!! – Launchtip – Shifting Your Mood F rom the Negative to the Positive

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When I get e-mail messages like these from someone who takes the time to write about things like this it is amazing. You never know who you are going touch, help or inspire when you share positive and uplifting messages. And even when they don’t originate from a happy place you still can give someone hope that in the end there will be.






The Fight Is On



For the past two days



I’ve been wearing my emotions



Like an over size coat



Protecting from coldness that is fear



Of the unknown



But right now



I rather face the coldness



Than feel the heaviness



Of feelings that hinder me



So the fight is on



The fight for joy



The fight for sanity



The fight for the right to be



Who I was created to be



The fight to live life within my own terms



And no one but God



Can tell or show me different



Because right now



The fight is on



Camilla T. Barber 10.13.10



The Super Women Blog~




Shifting Your Mood From the Negative to the Positive

To the outside world you are skilled at putting on your game face, when inside you may be feeling blue. Sometimes you just want to kick yourself, stop the thoughts, but you may not have the inclination or know exactly how to shift your mood.
Over the years, I’ve come up with a few effective strategies of what to do—and what not to do—to shift your mood. This is important because feeling optimistic and positive about life and the world is often an important element to creating success in your life and getting results. Here are proven tips for shifting your mood:

What NOT to do (engaging in these activities perpetuates sadness and paralysis):

* Complain (Instead of taking action, making changes and finding solutions, you expend your energy complaining about what’s wrong. This turns you into a victim and renders powerless thinking.)
* Gossip
(Saying negative things about others that you wouldn’t say to their face only reflects poorly on you.)
* Yell
(Yelling or any elevated voice-raising is symptomatic of anger. At the root of all anger is fear, specifically fear of losing control. Either force yourself to lower your voice and regain control, or get to the root of your anger and detach the emotion from it.)
* Over-indulge
(Eating too much, drinking too much or taking drugs doesn’t eliminate a problem or make it doesn’t go away. Over indulging is a temporary escape from your woes but until you solve the issues in other ways, they will remain firmly intact.)

What YOU CAN DO to shift your mood

* Smile (Experts say that even the gesture of smiling and curving your mouth up can shift your mood.)
* Move
(Get some exercise to release serotonin.)
* Launch
* Write
(Journaling—or any writing exercise—moves out the busyness of your mind chatter, providing serenity and inner calm that carries you throughout the day. Try Morning Pages as a brain cleanser.)
* Sing
(Preferably at the top of your lungs!)
* Listen
(Get out of your head and yourself by actively listening to others. The world revolves around the world, of which you are a part of the whole.)
* Dance
(Dance is a proven antidepressant. Studies show dance boosts happiness and benefits overall health.)
* Create
(Research has shown that being creative alters us by improving our mood, self esteem and socialization. That’s enough motivation to get more creative!)
* Rest
(We often underestimate it; devalue it; don’t get enough of it. However, even a small increase in rest provides noticeable benefits. Optimal sleeping conditions include dark, cool, and silent.)
* Drink water
(Hydrate regularly throughout the day.)
* Breathe deeply
(Oxygenating your lungs and your body is calming, improves the detoxification process, relieves anxiety, lowers blood pressure and provides many more emotional and physical benefits.)
* Be still
(Being quiet can be the best non-action item when you want to change your mood. Slowing down even for a few minutes calms your mind and invites in peace.)

August 2, 2010

Cleaning Out The Clutter

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Last night was the beginning of a much-needed task and it is yet to be completed. Last night I started getting ready of old papers and bills. And not stuff that recently has been there but things that I bought with me to my apartment over a year ago. I thought that I was putting a dent in this myself until it was bought to my attention that I was not (thanks to the other half).


So last night it started with just shredding random papers that was on the counter. He started with any of my bills that were past 2 years old. Any print-outs I had that I may have bought home to read. News papers and magazines placed them to the side and put any of my books in the boxes that I have. I already have file folders for the up to date bills. So I just placed everything in its right place for the meantime. We even had the little one involved. She had a lot of papers from the last school term that she really didn’t need. Anything that she could not use again I we had her shred.


It is amazing how much lighter the place felt after getting rid of a couple of papers and putting things in its place.  After getting over the initial attitude behind the other half taking the initiative in doing this for me I was glad that he did. It really help me to see how a lot of what I was feeling had to do with the fact that I wasn’t able to get things in order the way I want to. I still have a long way to go but at least I can say I have begun.


What are some of the things you do to keep the clutter down?


Below are some links on how to de-clutter

 The Super Women Blog~

I Can’t Do It Without Him – Reflective Post

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I’ve been in a very reflective place in my life for the past couple of months. And even more so in the past couple of weeks. Every article, blog or motivational e-mail has directed and aided me in this reflective state. Even down to my final assignment for class that I am currently working on is a Reflective Paper.  I know that when one reflects on life it can be a good thing but sometime reflecting can open up a lot of wounds and sores that you thought healed but has not. Causes you so shift away from the good in your life and crab a hold of the pain.

They say that most people lean on God when things are going bad but I have been the exact opposite. I have hidden away from him for I have felt ashamed for the things that I feel; those things that I should have left a lot of things where they have been in the past and moved on from it. But it seems that I am still attached in someway. With all this being said I read Joel & Victoria blog post this morning and it touched me in the heart in a way I can not explain. It reminded me that God is there and even more so when I need him. He is my peace during the storm and right now I am in a storm. So why not seek that peace. Allow him to still the waters.

We try to keep our life in order with schedules, our Blackberry and sticky notes but that means nothing when we are out of order on the inside. To be Super Women we need to be centered on the inside so that the outside won’t shake us or move us. So always remember to take the time and spend with him and talk to him. Learn to really give it all to him and read his word…his promises. Know what it is he really has in stored for you. So when those things come at us we can speak it.

His Love Goes Beyond Our DoubtsJoel & Victoria’s Blog at

The Super Women Blogg~

July 30, 2010

Summer School/Camp Activities – What is your child involved in?

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Today The Painted Pot came to my daughter school for a special arts & crafts activity. Now this is the second summer that I have come across The Painted Pot on her Summer School/Camp Calendar. So today I decided to finally see what The Painted Pot is all about. It is an art Studio with 2 locations in Brooklyn that is about helping your child bring out the creative side in them. And the cool thing is it is not only for the kids but they have events for adults as well.

To find out more about The Painted Pot locations and events check out the link below.

The Painted Pot

via The Painted Pot.

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July 29, 2010

Summer Makeup Sale & FREE ANEW Day Cream Offer

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July 28, 2010

Not Another Fare Hike?!

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Waking up this morning and seeing on the news that MTA wants to raise fares again for 2011 was very disturbing. I am sure that I am not speaking for myself when I say…we can not take anymore fare hikes. Monthly cards (which I am sure the majority of us use) will go up to about $104. This is really making me consider that relocation is something that I really need to move back to the top of  things to achieve list.

I am sure this will be a strain on 2 family households but even more so on the single family households. Many are already cutting back on expenses (needed and not needed). How much more can we trim away. We cut coupons and looks for deals. We re-arrange bills and go without only to have to worry about something else. But as alwasy we are expected to make it work (which many of us will).  But what does this mean for those that have stretched their last dollar?

I am going to continue to keep my eyes and ears open on this one until November of this year when MTA is suppose to make their decision. I hope you do the same!

The Super Women Blog

MTA Expected To Release Steep Fare Hike Proposals Mostly Affecting Unlimited Monthly Passes – WPIX

via MTA Expected To Release Steep Fare Hike Proposals Mostly Affecting Unlimited Monthly Passes – WPIX.

July 27, 2010

I love it! Wine Created Especially for Moms

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I am going to order me a bottle and try it when I have my next  mommy time out.

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Give Yourself a \’Time-Out\’ and Get Wasted at the Same Time |

via Give Yourself a \’Time-Out\’ and Get Wasted at the Same Time |

Airline Being Sued Because of Crying Baby – OMG

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I have been traveling since I was a baby. My mother and father would travel back and forth to Trinidad and I spent most of my summers there.  We waited for our daughter to be a little bit older before we got on a plain with her and I am very happy that we did. We can count on her sleeping most of the trip (lol) and she is at that stage that we have enough to keep her busy. So when I read the below article this morning all I could say is OMG..Oh My Goodness lol. How can you sue an airline for something that they have no control over? And how can you feel away about something that a baby does. I realize that we have those moments that we just want to have quiet but when you are on a plan with other people you give up the right lol. At least that his how I feel.

I am sure that this Civil Law Suit will not go far but just the fact that this woman is blaming her hearing lost on a crying baby (and not the fact that she is just getting older) is insane.

How do you feel about crying babies?

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Can A Crying Baby Cause Hearing Loss? Jean Barnard Claimed She Lost Hearing on a Qantas Airlines Flight in Austalia – ABC News

via Can A Crying Baby Cause Hearing Loss? Jean Barnard Claimed She Lost Hearing on a Qantas Airlines Flight in Austalia – ABC News.

July 23, 2010

For the Lover of Wine…this is for you!

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Good morning and Happy Friday!

I know I haven’t been around for a little while but I had to take minute to share this.

For all the ladies that love their glass of wine after work (or those of us who waits till Friday to purchase our favorite bottle) here is an event for you!

The Super Women Blog~


Bacchus Wines presentsWorld of Italian Wine!
Great Wines from Up & Down The Italian Peninsula

DATE: Thursday, July 29, 2010

TIME: 7:00PM – 9:00PM

PLACE: Bacchus Wines
2056 Broadway
between 70th / 71st

PRICE: $35.00 includes FREE Riedel wine glass!

(Payments cover the cost of Riedel glassware & printed materials.)


Purchase By Phone 866-811-4111


SPECIAL OFFER: Each participant will receive a FREE Riedel crystal stem from which to taste and to take home! A $10 Value! Also all attendees will receive a 10% Discount on in-store purchases during the evening.


From Lombardy to Tuscany, down to Sicily and back again. Taste the golden wine of Orvieto, the friendly Frascati, sunny Soave, classic Chianti, and the king of red wines – Barolo. Italy is home to some of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world. Today, the peninsula has over 1 million vineyards under cultivation with grapes being grown in almost every region of the country. Come familiarize yourself with the many tastes of Italian wine. This is a popular event…so purchase tickets now!

Learning about the wines and discovering new ones is what this evening is about – along with some great live jazz, from the West Village Trio!

And remember.“Some of the best wines are not necessarily expensive; you just have to spend the time exploring to find hidden gems.”
– Sean Mahoney, wine collector & connoisseur

FOOD: Crudite, Dip, Cheese, Crackers and Bread

MUSIC: The evening will be accompanied by the sounds of The West Village Jazz Trio!


(Please note: Food provided is for sampling and pairing, not a full meal.)

Come taste the wine, mingle with other wine lovers and enjoy great LIVE JAZZ!

TICKETS: $35.00 (includes FREE Riedel wine glass!)


Purchase By Phone

Bacchus Wine Cellar

MUSIC: The West Village Jazz Trio has been a fixture in the New York jazz scene for over 20 years. Made up of three of New York’s top jazz session players this group surprises and delights, playing a mixture of Brazilian, New York and Latin jazz. From standards to originals these guys really swing…Check out the bebop melodies, bass underpinnings and deft brushwork. Close your eyes and experience a world of jazz, with global influences.


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5 Penn Plaza, 19th floor
New York, NY 10001
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